Richard and Mary (Anderson) Cottrell of New Kent Co., VA

Ancestry and Relation of

Richard J. Cottrell

This is a family history based on documentation/records, oral history and y-dna testing

Reverend Wilbur M. Sims stated in a lecture presented Oct 30, 1993, titled "A Brief History of the Manakin Huguenots, that this Cottrell family were "Dover Huguenots".

Books and Journals about some of these Cottrells:

Nellie (Cottrell) Wynn (1868-1940) "Cottrell Family Records", 1915-1935.

Margaret (Cottrell) Mullins (1912-2000) "Three centuries of Cottrells", 1983.

Virginia J. (Cottrell) Pence, "Cottrell family Genealogical notes: Family of Thomas Cottrell", 1991.

Robert L. Cottrell, "Our Family History - Cottrell/Hall ", 1992.

Table of Contents

Surname List
Name Index
Y-DNA Results
Copies of Original Documents
Pictures of Ancestors and Relation
Published Record References
Land Grants and Patents
Map of Albemarle County, Virginia - 1751
Map of Henrico County, Virginia - 1751
Cottrell Neighbors in Amherst County, Virginia - Land Patents
Cottrell Neighbors in Buckingham County, Virginia - Land Patents
Cottrell Neighbors in Henrico County, Virginia - Land Patents

Prepared by :

Richard J. Cottrell